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Billy Vela graduated from Occidental in 1995 with a degree in Psychology. Originally from the Highland Park neighborhood near Oxy, Vela now lives in Koreatown and works as a university administrator at the University of Southern California.

Gene Grigsby graduated from Occidental in 1966 with a degree in Sociology and Psychology. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Grigsby currently resides in Los Angeles and is the CEO of the National Health Foundation.

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Dave Berkus, class of 1962, graduated Occidental with a major in Economics and a minor in Psychology. A current Occidental trustee, Berkus is originally from Pasadena, and now resides in Arcadia, California and works as a venture capitalist.

Guy Aoki is Oxy class of 1984, although he spent some time between his Oxy years at University of Hawaii, Manoa. Originally from Hilo, Hawaii, Aoki majored in Psychology and now lives in Glendale, California as a self-proclaimed “unemployed writer”.…

Betsy Helter Williams graduated from Occidental in 1946 with a degree in Psychology. After college, she worked for the LA Times in the personnel department. She is originally from South Pasadena and currently resides in Walnut Creek, California with…

Hubert Sanchez graduated from Occidental College in 1962 with a degree in Psychology. Originally from East LA, Sanchez lives in the area and works as a dentist

Regina Airey graduated in 1987 as a Psychology major. She is from Walnut, California and currently resides in Santa Monica. She has her own firm that specializes in leadership development and strategic planning for large and diverse companies or…

Kenjus Watson graduated in 2007 with a degree in Psychology. He is from Reno Valley and now lives in Claremont. He is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Occidental, working closely with the Dialogue Program.

Jaclyn Rodriguez graduated in 1977 as a Psychology major. She is originally from East Los Angeles and currently resides in Eagle Rock as a faculty member of Oxy in the Psychology department. She was instrumental in the establishment of the Intergroup…
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