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Jack Shemer graduated from Oxy in 1962 as a Mathematics major with a Physics minor. Shemer is originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and slits time between Scottsdale, Arizona and his Montana ranch. For most of his life he's worked in the engineering…

Patricia Alireza graduated in 1994 with a degree in Physics. She is from Mexico City, but now lives between London and Pasadena, working as a physicist. Her experience in unique, as she came to Oxy in her thirties.

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Born in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, George Alcorn graduated from Oxy in 1962 with a degree in Physics. He’s a well-known physicist credited with pioneering the x-ray spectrometer, and is a fellow of the African Scientific Institute.

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Eric Linneman graduated in 1984 with a degree in Physics. He is from the suburbs of San Diego and now lives in Littleton, Colorado. He works for Microsoft in the state and local government and education areas of the company.

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