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Valerie Reece graduated in 1973 with an undeclared major. She is a senior software engineer in Manhattan Beach, California.


Peggy Robinson graduated in 1972 and majored in Diplomacy and World Affairs. She is originally from a suburb of Houston, and now lives in Austin, Texas, working as the outreach director for the Aceh Relief Fund.

Rosemary Mixon Snow graduated in 1952 with a major in Speech (now Theater). She is now retired and lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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Cheri Eichen Steinkellner graduated in 1977 with a degree in English and Comparative Literature. She is from Fullerton, CA but now lives in Santa Monica and works as a television writer.

Ken Sulzer graduated in 1982 with a Political Science degree, he is an attorney living on the west side of Los Angeles.

Andrew Tierney graduated in 1956 with an degree in English and Comparative Literature. He is from Pasadena, and now lives in Laguna Beach. He is the President of a tech company that makes entertainment systems for airlines.

A native of East Los Angeles, Jesus Trevino graduated from Occidental in 1968 with a degree in Philosophy. After a successful career as a film and television director, Trevino retired and currently resides in Eagle Rock.

Eric Warren graduated in 1969 with a degree in Speech and Drama (now Theater). He has always lived in Eagle Rock. He worked as a film and television designer, and now is the local historian of Eagle Rock.

Kenjus Watson graduated in 2007 with a degree in Psychology. He is from Reno Valley and now lives in Claremont. He is an adjunct professor of Psychology at Occidental, working closely with the Dialogue Program.

Patricia Henry-Yeomans graduated in 1938 with a major in History and Government. She was a professional tennis player and now volunteers at Legal Aid.
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