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Bryce Rademan graduated in 2005 with a major in Diplomacy and World Affairs. He is a restaurenteur and owner of Spitz, living in Hollywood.

Cathy (Cleland) Czar graduated in 1962 as an English and Comparative Literature major. She is from Pasadena, and now resides between Pebble Beach, CA and Portland. She is an attorney.

Catherine “Cathy” Young Selleck graduated from Oxy in 1955 with a degree in Economics. From Washington, D.C., Selleck now lives in Menlo Park, California. Before her retirement Cathy worked in the business sector, becoming a CEO and later a business…

Cheri Eichen Steinkellner graduated in 1977 with a degree in English and Comparative Literature. She is from Fullerton, CA but now lives in Santa Monica and works as a television writer.

Claudia Wilderman, née Inman, graduated Occidental in 1997 with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. Originally from Los Angeles, she currently resides in Seal Beach, CA as a project manager at a consulting firm.

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Dave Berkus, class of 1962, graduated Occidental with a major in Economics and a minor in Psychology. A current Occidental trustee, Berkus is originally from Pasadena, and now resides in Arcadia, California and works as a venture capitalist.

Donald Smith graduated from Occidental in 1972 with a degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs. Originally from Culver City, California, he currently resides in Los Angeles as a presbyterian clergyman who specializes in ministries of service,…

Doris Linsley Graves graduated in 1955, majoring in Pre-Med. She is a pediatrician based in Alhambra, California.

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Ed Harper graduated in 1951 with a degree in Physical Education and double-minored in Speech and Biology. Originally from Eagle Rock, Ed now lives in San Clemente. He’s worked in many facets of education, from teacher to counselor to principal, and…

Eric Linneman graduated in 1984 with a degree in Physics. He is from the suburbs of San Diego and now lives in Littleton, Colorado. He works for Microsoft in the state and local government and education areas of the company.

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